Things to Know about Hair Damage

Every girl wants perfectly healthy and strong hair. But due to many reasons, most girls complain hair damage and the struggle to avoid hair breakage, is real.  But, there is nothing to worry about as the products like best keratin shampoos for damaged hair have made it quite easier to get rid of all these problems and saying welcome to perfectly healthy and strong hair. So let’s have a look at the causes of hair damage, basic problems associated with  damaged hair and easy solutions for these issues.

Hair Damage

Causes of Hair Damage

Lack of moisture and dehydration makes the hair more prone to damage. Dehydration causes loss of natural oil content from the scalp making the hair dry, combing such dry hair causes easy breakage.

Washing hair with hard water or chemicals containing chorine is harmful to hair health.

Too much straightening and curling of the hair without using thermo protector causes hair to become weak and fragile. Heat styling makes the hair strands become thinner.

Use of blow dryer when water is dripping from the hair also loses the strength of hair.

Exposing hair to chemicals especially during coloring the hair also causes severe adverse effects on the hair.

Tying up the hair directly after washing them causes the hair to tangle and break.

Washing hair frequently can cause the hair to lose their natural oil content, making them dry. If the hair are not conditioned after washing, it also causes hair damage.

Eating an unhealthy diet also causes severe effect on the health of hair. A diet containing little or no protein content is not healthy for hair.

Making hairstyles which keep the hair tightly bound also damages hair and may cause hair loss.

Solutions to the above Mentioned Problems

For girls who love to style, damaged hair is a nightmare. Fortunately, these problems have now become easy to address by using a few easy tips. A few of them are mentioned below:

Keep the hair moisturized using oils such as olive oil or coconut oil. Simply rub them starting from the roots of the hair to the tips. Leave the hair for an hour and wash with warm or cold water.

Make sure that the water you are using does not contains chlorine or any other chemicals.

Try to avoid hair straightening or curling using heat. Instead of heat styling, use natural products to straighten the hair.

Instead of blow drying, it is better to air dry the hair.

Avoid using too many chemicals on hair. If you are thinking to color your hair, consult a dermatologist or hair colorist and ask them to suggest a product that best suits your skin type and has minimum side effects.

After washing hair, let them dry completely before tying them otherwise the hair would tangle, detangling them will eventually break them.

Avoid washing hair frequently. Instead wash them twice in a weak. This will help the hair maintain their natural oil content and keeping the hair hydrated.

Use a good conditioner to be used every time the hair is washed.

Maintain a healthy diet that is rich in protein content.  Avoid eating too much oily or fried food because they damage the chemical stability of the hair.

Do not tie the hair tightly while styling because it will exert more stress of hair follicles.

For people facing severe hair loss due to breakage of fragile hair, best hair growth pills are easily available and should be used on the prescription of a qualified dermatologist.

Hair damage cannot be repaired overnight, it is a lengthy and time consuming process. The key to healthy hair is using the right products in the correct amount and adopting hair health friendly hairstyles.