Expensive Looking Nail Arts That Are Actually Easy To Make

Just like a nice ensemble, a cool nail art also garners a lot of attention and compliments. Nail art has become an essential part of dressing and although salon offers a plethora of gorgeous designs, it also comes with a hefty price tag. If you are looking to create a glamorous nail design and also wanted to save money, you should try creating the looks yourself.

You don’t need to be an expert to create a stunning look, all you need is some polish and heaps of creative energy and you can make your nails look wonderful and eye-catching. Here are some design ideas that you can try.

Expensive Looking Nail Arts

1. Sugar Effect Rose on Black Nails

This expensive looking nail art can be done by simply following video tutorials on Youtube. It looks very regal yet it is very easy to re-create. With a few strokes using your brush you can create little rose flowers and sprinkle it with nail dipping powder on top and your nails will be ready to take on anything. (more…)

Top 5 Gel Nail Polishes Nail Art Lovers Should Try Now

Doing your own nails at home can at times be daunting because more than trimming your own nails and shaping them to perfection, hoping that your D-I-Y manicure will not fail you together with the hope that it will last just as long if you the salon did it for you. If you are serious about doing your own nails at home, try these top coats and polishes that offer long-lasting formula and no-chip capabilities. Plus, the fact that they don’t require a UV lamp makes it perfect for doing your mani-pedi at the comfort of your own home.

Nail Polishes

Opi Gel Color

This gel polish removes easily and last longer than normal polish. It covers all nails and prevents chips that last about a week without chipping. Even after normal wear, the nail polish doesn’t chip off easily. It applies very well to smooth shiny nails. They have all the shades of the rainbow and a wide selection of neutrals and pink perfect for achieving that French manicure.


Many women love Vetro Gel Nail Polishes because it applies on smoothly and their colours are just wonderful. When applied correctly, Vetro Gel Polishes can last more than three weeks before chipping. If you are just starting out with gel, this one is perfect for you.


What Are SNS Nails and How Much Does It Cost?

For the nail polish aficionados, SNS nails aren’t new. They have, however, has taken the nail salon industry by storm because they took all the best bits from other types of manicure and they are nailing it. If you frequent the nail salon, it’s likely you’ve heard of SNS Nails because it is the nail polish everyone is talking about now. It is the latest trend in nail enhancement and the health benefits of the nail products is making every woman go gaga over it.

SNS Nails

What is SNS?

SNS is a nail dipping system also known as Signature Nail Systems. It is a nail dipping system that uses a brush-on gel base on the nail then dipped in a powder. It is a form of nail enhancement with a blend of adhesive resin and a modified form of acrylic powder. The powder is consists of organically-processed chemicals Benzoyl Peroxide, Titatum Dioxide, Acrylic Ester Polymer that strengthens the nails. A base coat is then applied followed by the nail dipped in a coloured powder and this process is repeated one or two more times.

The benefit of this process is healthier for the nail since it only uses very little filling to reduced friction in the nail. Aside from being a healthier nail enhancement option, SNS is often preferable because of its simple and quick process.